Laskarci crash: Prosecutor’s Office files Charge against Several persons

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed a charge against several persons suspected of grave crimes against human and property safety in traffic that resulted in the Laskarci crash, in which 16 people were killed and 38 suffered serious bodily injuries. As the Office said on Monday, from 2 July 2018 to 13 February 2019, the charged owner of Durmo Turs and the charged person responsible for the transporter’s rolling stock weren’t adhering to the regulations for safety of bus traffic for mass public transport and though they were aware that there could be a harmful consequences, they caused danger to the life and body of the people on the bus on the day of the accident. Three other persons have been charged, too, that is employees at the Technical Examination Station who said the vehicle was technically safe even though they were aware of the fact that the braking mechanism didn’t function properly. The bus driver has been charged with going over the speed limit of 99 km/h, while the speed wasn’t being displayed properly on the tachograph. A charge has also been filed against the company employee who issued a confirmation that there had been nothing wrong with the tachograph.