Latest Developments in Skopje-Sofia Issue

French President Emmanuel Macron is starting a final attempt to lift the Bulgarian veto for Skopje. BGNES has reported that Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and the country’s PM, Kiril Petkov, will head to Paris in the coming days for a meeting with the French President, where the plan to solve the Skopje dispute will be presented. Bulgarian media have said Radev and Petkov are ready to accept Macron’s proposal, which provides for all Bulgarian demands entering the negotiating framework for North Macedonia, while Macron personally will guarantee that they will be implemented in reality. Petkov has confirmed indirectly that something big is happening. “Currently, I know that at a Foreign Ministry level, very big thing is being done to see what all possibilities for progress over the topic of North Macedonia,” he noted. On Tuesday, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska announced a visit of experts from her country to North Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry.