Latest Developments with Wildfires Around Country

The latest data from the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) reveal that several wildfires are still active all over the country. From CMC they informed on Sunday morning that the great fire near Delcevo has finally been localised and that it no longer poses danger over the surrounding villages, but that it still remains active and teams of firefighters and soldiers make efforts to put it out. CMC Director Stojance Angelov informed that on Saturday the situation near the village of Macevo in this area escalated, which is why the helicopters had to intervene from air in rather dangerous conditions. He also added that volunteers from the Red Cross area on terrain delivering water to the citizens in Delcevo and the surrounding villages, and that they also help the teams dealing with the fires. The other fire in this area, near the locality Bajaz Tepe, due to the strong wind has started spreading towards the territory of the Municipality of Berovo, and teams from the army, as well as firefighters from Slovenia, are trying to put it under control. Assistant Managere at CMC Marija Milkova informed that around 03:30 pm two new fires were registered near Sveti Nikole, at the place called Bogoslovski Rid, as well as another fire in Krusevo, near the village of Svetomirani. From CMC they also informed that there are several fires active in the surrounding area of Skopje, near the villages of Raovic, Bukovic and Divlje, where army helicopters are intervening from air. In meantime, CMC informed that the mixed teams of firefighters, soldiers, police officers and volunteers from the country and abroad managed to localise several of the wildfires in the area around Stip, while the quick reaction of the firefighters and soldiers in Ohrid managed to prevent spreading of 9 forest fires in the area around Ohrid. Several other fires remain active in the regions of Tetovo, Prilep, Strumica and Veles, and from CMC they inform that teams have been deployed to all these locations to put the fires under control.