Levica Files Imitative against Name Issue Referendum to Constitutional Court

The political party Levica filed Wednesday an initiative to the Constitutional Court of Macedonia for evaluation of the constitutionality of the Parliament decision to hold a referendum concerning the Macedonia-Greece Name Issue Agreement. “We expect that the Constitutional Court will reach a decision upon our initiative after the summer holidays. In case the referendum is already held, the court can decide to abolish the results of it post festum. The Referendum decision of the Parliament of Macedonia is lacking seven crucial elements, including the full name of the act that the vote is about and a full explanation of it. The very question of the referendum also leaves room for manipulation of the public, and the Venetian Convention bans this type of ‘trap questions’. Besides this, a referendum of consulting character cannot be held for questions about joining or leaving international alliances or unions,” Dimitar Apasiev from Levica said, adding that his party will boycott the referendum, but will request permission from SEC to monitor it.

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