Luhrmann: EU and Bulgaria Should Keep their Promise to North Macedonia

German Minister of State for Europe and Climate Anna Luhrmann welcomes in an interview for Deutsche Welle, as she says, the positive signals sent from the recent bilateral meeting in Skopje between Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov and PM of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovacevski. “It is a good signal that the new Macedonian and Bulgarian government have openly moved closer. I hope that the bilateral topics that exist in that bilateral format will soon be overcome. Positive, encouraging signals have arrived both from Skopje and Sofia and there is awareness that it is important for the EU accession negotiations to start as soon as possible. It’s important for all of us as the EU, and Bulgaria also belongs here, to keep our promise to North Macedonia and Albania. We are ready to support that process, but in the most part it is a bilateral process,” Luhrmann said.