Macedonian Borders to Open Friday (26 June)

At the moment, Macedonian citizens can travel freely and without any conditions only to Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Turkey. For a trip to Bulgaria and Croatia, citizens will first have to go through two weeks of isolation. Neighbouring Greece, meanwhile, says it plans to open its borders on 1 July. However, Greek government spokesman did not rule out the possibility that such announcements could be amended if agreed otherwise with Brussels, when asked about speculation that the European Union is reportedly considering not opening its borders to some Western Balkan countries, including Macedonia. The final decision on whether Macedonian citizens will be able to travel to EU countries starting 1 July is expected on Friday (26 June). Starting Wednesday, 1 July, the two airports in the country will be fully open for traffic, and currently the protocols for operation of the airports are being worked on, as confirmed by the Minister of Transport and Communications Goran Sugareski.