Macron to reportedly Make decision on Date for Macedonia personally

New draft conclusions on Macedonia and on Albania weren’t adopted at Wednesday’s Council of Ambassadors in Brussels, at which progress had been expected to be reached during the discussion on enlargement. However, France still doesn’t have a final stand, with the wait being for President Emmanuel Macron to personally make the decision, it was reported. According to the Council, though France isn’t expected to clearly define its position by the General Affairs Council on 15 October in Luxembourg itself at the earliest, the possibility of the issue being left to EU leaders, too, two days later, at the Summit in Brussels two days, hasn’t been ruled out. Another unknown is the Dutch decision, which is expected next week. According to the Dutch Parliament’s and FM’s signals, it’s very likely for The Hague to call for clearer decoupling between Skopje and Tirana, that is, a higher level of conditionality for Albania.