Meeting of EU General Affairs Council on EU Enlargement

The Ministers of European Affairs are holding a meeting in Luxembourg, where one of the main topics will be the enlargement of the Union and, above all, the future of the candidacies of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. According to correspondent from Brussels, several EU member states, such as Croatia, Slovenia and Austria, announced before the start of the Council that the Western Balkans must not be neglected and that the Union must deliver results, especially by holding the first intergovernmental conferences with North Macedonia and Albania. A point dedicated to the Western Balkans is also planned at the ministerial meeting. Little time was devoted to the exchange of views on North Macedonia and the latest table proposal prepared by the French Presidency, but without any conclusions. According to the correspondent from Brussels, the ambassadors of the EU member states discussed the “French proposal” briefly and the negotiating framework for the country, but so far there are no guarantees for its adoption, given the political uncertainty in Bulgaria.