MEPs Demand reaction of EC for Case with Gruevski’s Asylum

The MEP from the GreenLeft Judith Sargentini, who is the author of the amendment filed to the European Parliament (EP) concerning the asylum granted by Hungary to former PM of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski, says that if the amendment is adopted, it will be the official position of the EP concerning this issue. “It is very important for us to open this subject at the debate on Macedonia’s progress. What Hungary did is meddling in the judicial affairs of a country that intends to become a EU member-state, and tries really hard in that process. I hope that the EP will support and adopt this amendment, which will then force the European Commission (EC) to act upon this issue as well, and we hope that Hungary will reconsider the asylum decision,” Sargentini said. The Hungarian MEP Péter Niedermüller also said that the Social-democratic group in EP, which he belongs to, also makes efforts to force the EC to react in the case of Gruevski’s asylum.