MEPs underline Importance of Judicial reforms and Dealing with Corruption

Judicial reforms and dealing with corruption are the key goals that the Government should achieve on its path to EU membership. The leader of the seven-member delegation of MEPs, Tunne Kelam, said on Friday that those were the main conditions for the European Council to make in June a decision on a start of accession negotiations. As he added, it’s also very important for the upcoming presidential elections to be held in a just and transparent manner. It’s good news that the ruling coalition and opposition cooperate in Parliament, the MEP pointed out. Kelem considers that there will be continuation of the Jean Monnet dialogue, which is currently faced with a halt because of certain disagreements over the court processes. The same day, the delegation held a meeting with PM Zoran Zaev, who said “the EU needs North Macedonia as much as the country needs the EU.”