Merkel, Macron praise Prespa Agreement and Macedonia’s Progress


The informal summit of the EU and West Balkans kicked off in Berlin on Monday afternoon. The summit is organised by the heads of state of France and Germany, Emanuel Macron and Angela Merkel respectively. At the opening of the summit, both Merkel and macron welcomed the progress made by Macedonia processes for its integration in the EU. “We witnessed rather brave steps made by the political leaders in North Macedonia and Greece. The Prespa Agreement is a proof that even the toughest bilateral issues may be resolved if there is enough courage and political will,” German Chancellor Merkel said. The French President Macron said that the political events in the past few months in the West Balkans have shown that progress is possible after the devastating Balkan wars. “With proper dedication and agreements like the Prespa one, disputes that seem impossible to resolve can become a thing of the past,” Macron said.