Mickoski: Bulgaria Should not Block Macedonia’s EU-Integration

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski held a meeting with the leaders of the parties which are part of the alliance “Renewal for Macedonia”, after which he held a press conference, in which he addressed a request to official Sofia to not obstruct the integration of Macedonia in the EU. “For our alliance, the Macedonian language and its anthropology and historic roots are an unequivocal fact confirmed by numerous scientists all over the world, and there should eb no discussion over it. We call upon Bulgaria to respect the decision of the European Court for Human Rights concerning the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, as well as to refrain from attempts for alteration of the history and the character of the national heroes that fought for the Macedonian cause. Bulgaria should send a signal of friendship and support Macedonia’s integration in the EU, instead of blocking it,” Mickoski said.