Mickoski: Day of Acev’s and Pindzur’s Death Shows How Expensive Freedom Is

“On this day in 1943, after cruel torture by the then-Bulgarian fascist occupier, Macedonian heroes Mirce Acev and Straso Pindzur were killed,” VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski wrote on his official Facebook page on Monday, adding that that was a sheer fact. According to him, that day should be a reminder of how expensive freedom is and how important the truth is. The same day, in another status update, the opposition leader said as long as Zaev was the PM, Macedonia had “zero chances” of a better life. In that regard, he mentioned data and pieces of information from several sources, including AFP and Eurostat about the coronavirus death rate and poverty, respectively. In response, SDSM said citizens didn’t trust Mickoski. “That’s why he’s still the opposition,” the ruling party added.