Mickoski: Kovacevski Should Reject Proposal

The leader of the opposition Hristijan Mickoski called for a mass protest in Ilindenska, convinced that the French document will be adopted by the government on Tuesday. He repeated the offer to Kovacevski to drop 4 points from the negotiation framework and protocol in order to accept the French proposal. According to him, with the acceptance of the current proposal, negotiations for membership in the EU will not start immediately. “What I have as information is that most likely during tomorrow’s government session the positive “yes” of Bujar Osmani will pass, which will formally sign the protocol of the second intergovernmental session of the governments of North Macedonia and Bulgaria and thus formally and practically, the government agrees to the minutes of the first intergovernmental meeting, but also after the conditions have been created to accept the negotiation framework in which history, education and culture are located and contained. So, I expect at least a little sense, to change their mind by tomorrow and hear this resounding “no” to what they are doing at this moment with the Macedonian identity,” said the leader of the opposition.