Mickoski: Most Reasonable Solution Now Is Early Elections

“The government may try to secure parliamentary votes from VMRO-DPMNE for constitutional changes, but I guarantee that they will not succeed with such a Prespa scenario,” the President of the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski is convinced. He believes that his firm position is shared by his coalition partners who, even at the leadership meeting that ended unsuccessfully, said that they will not support the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution without any guarantees. Mickoski reiterated that the most reasonable solution, in his opinion, is early parliamentary elections, instead of a long parliamentary procedure and an attempt at a broad consensus, which the government is looking for. Mickoski also assesses that the government is acting in favour of Bulgaria, after the announcements that the Government session will consider whether the Law on Associations should be sent for inspection to the Venice Commission. According to him, the adopted law should be applied immediately, pointing out the Bulgarian association in Ohrid.