Mickoski: “Plan B” for Draft-law on PPO conceals Vendetta against Opposition

The president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski recognised in the attempt of the government to employ a “Plan B” for securing the future work of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) motives for vendetta of the government towards the opposition. Mickoski’s reaction follows the statement of Justice Minister Renata Deskoska, who announced that if agreement over this law is not reached, the government will try to resolve the future status of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) with changes to the law on Council of Public Prosecutors, which requires simple majority in the Parliament. “Instead of apologising the citizens for her friendly relations with “Racketeering” case suspect Bojan Jovanovski and resigning her post, she called for political revenge against the opposition. Instead of implementing judicial reforms, she bothers with populism,” Mickoski said.