Mickoski: Quick Elections Are the Only Solution

Macedonia is in apathy, quick elections are the only solution,” VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told Croatia’s Vecernji List. In the interview, Mickoski talks about the announced resignation of Prime Minister Zaev after the local elections, which as he states is very realistic not to be fulfilled and that is why he says they launched the initiative in the Parliament with a majority of 61 signatures to vote no confidence in the Government. “In the meantime, I would say typical for Zaev, the pressures on the MPs started, offers with money and similar half-information in order not to vote for confidence in the Government. I leave time to show how such a situation will end, but here the question is not whether, but when the Government of Zaev will fall, which has completely lost its legitimacy from the people and citizens,” says among other things, Mickoski.