Mickoski: VMRO-DPMNE Will Not Attend Republic Day Ceremony in Krusevo

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said on Sunday that he and the members of his party do not intend to attend the central celebration of the Day of the Republic (2 August) in Krusevo, the celebration for which President Stevo Pendarovski addressed invitations to all leaders of political parties in the country. “A delegation of VMRO-DPMNE shall not be a part of the circus performance organised by Pendarovski. I shall traditionally attend a celebration in the village of Tasmarunista, Struga instead,” Mickoski said. In meantime, VMRO-DPMNE Vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski criticised the changes introduced by President Pendarovski to the traditional celebration of the Day of the Republic, adding that once VMRO-DPMNE comes to power, they will reintroduce the old way of observation of this holiday. From the Office of the President, they issued a reaction in which Pendarovski voices disappointment with Mickoski’s response. “The qualification of the celebration as a ‘circus performance’ is a deep offence towards the country and all the brave fighters who sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty and independence of our country. President Pendarovski is deeply sorry that his call for reconciliation between all political parties with this invitation was not understood by all party leaders,” the reaction writes. President Pendarovski introduced changes in the celebration, moving it for the evening hours, instead of holding it at noon, and for the first time, there will be no political messages from state officials, and instead the Office of President Pendarovski will only issue a 2-minute pre-recorded video address to the nation.