Mickoski: We Are Entering Second Epoch, United

I’m not a person who gives up, that’s not in my nature, and who, if not us, will get down to work when it’s hardest. And when it was most difficult, there were people who believed in me and supported me, and I believed in them and in my goal, to reform VMRO-DPMNE and return it to victory road. Because only strong VMRO-DPMNE will mean a strong Macedonia,” said Hristijan Mickoski after his re-election. In his speech, the re-elected leader announced a second epoch that will lend a hand to the wise citizens whom everyone has forgotten. “We are entering a second epoch, social mobilization of every individual in the country. We call for social mobilization of every creative individual who will be the engine for the progress of the country. The second epoch means reaching out to the wise citizens that everyone has forgotten. We unite like thin branches in one bundle,” said Mickoski.