Mickoski Would Accept Meeting with Kovacevski Under Certain Conditions

After PM-designate Dimitar Kovacevski said that once he assumes the office of PM, he will invite VMRO-DPMNE Leader Hristijan Mickoski in order to discuss national issues, from VMRO-DPMNE they inform that Mickoski would accept the meeting but under certain conditions. “Mickoski would accept to attend such a meeting, but only if the following matters are discussed: organisation of snap parliamentary election, revelation of the answers of the 5+1 questioner in relation to Bulgaria, and other matters, especially the state’s fight against corruption and crime. Only under these conditions, Mickoski will accept the invitation for a meeting,” they reported from VMRO-DPMNE. This was followed by a reaction from SDSM. “It seems that Mickoski does not understand or refuses to understand the real meaning of this invitation for a meeting. There will be no snap elections, for we need to dedicate all capacities to resolving problems like Economic challenges and financial support for citizens, not additional expenses like organisation of new election,” they react from SDSM.