Minister of Agriculture and Two Deputy Ministers from Besa Resign

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Arjanit Hoxha, together with the two deputy ministers from the Besa movement, resigned Friday. The resignations, as Hoxha stated, are submitted as a moral act and respect for the organs of the Besa movement. “Due to the violation of democracy in the local elections by part of this Government led by the Deputy Prime Minister of DUI where the right to democracy was violated by manipulative methods and unfortunately it continued yesterday which was the most shameful day for our democracy. That is why I am resigning from the post of Minister together with the two Deputy Ministers because we cannot identify our political action as a “Besa” movement with a coalition partner that clearly shows that they use any undemocratic action with the sole purpose of staying in power. The regime was overthrown last year, and the other part of the regime was not overthrown, but got a chance to reform, today after five years, it has been proven that not only have they not been reformed, but they have perfected their methods of classical regime,” said Hoxha. At the moment, according to Hoxha, the European integration path of the country is not endangered, but democracy is endangered by DUI, which, as he said, needs to be reformed. He said that they had no contact with the MP Kastriot Rexhepi and they do not know where he is, but they expect, as he announced, to return on Monday and explain his actions. Hoxha described the possibility for Alternative to join the current parliamentary majority as “suicide for any party”.