Minister Sekerinska Responds to Provocations by Karakachanov

Unworthy and indecent, this is how the Government assessed the latest provocative statements made by the Bulgarian Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov. It is still unknown whether the state will react through diplomatic channels, however, Karakachanov received a response from Defence Minister Sekerinska, who said that the time had passed when such provocations in the region were considered serious. But, according to the minister, this is not the way two NATO member states should function and communicate. Before going to isolation, at a guest appearance on radio, Karakachanov stated that he wanted to go together with the Bulgarian army and remove all the monuments in Skopje, which according to him reflected the “false history”. Karakachanov’s statement comes just weeks before the Borissov-Zaev meeting, after which it will be much clearer whether Sofia will be an obstacle to the start of negotiations announced for the end of the year. The latest events are the culmination of a series of harsh statements coming from Sofia, but also threats that Macedonia will be blocked on its European path. Several leaders of EU member states have already said that the Bulgarian blockade on the start of negotiations with the EU will be counterproductive for the union itself.