Mitsotakis threatens to block Macedonia’s Accession in EU, NATO

At a party meeting of New Democracy in Lamia, Greece, the opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that he name dispute is not closed yet, and that his party will use all means available to block the membership of Macedonia in NATO and EU. “Once New Democracy comes to power, we shall use all means available to block the opening and closing of all 35 chapters of the membership negotiations between the EU and Skopje. None of these chapters will be discussed without the approval of Greece,” Mitsotakis said, once again addressing criticism to the Greek government run by PM Alexis Tsipras, for allowing the government in Skopje to use the terms Macedonian identity and language. Greek media report that the threats of Mitsotakis should be taken seriously, since most of the polls for the upcoming parliamentary election in Greece indicate that New Democracy will most probably win.