Mitsotakis threatens to Block Macedonia’s accession in NATO, EU

The leader of the Greek opposition Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during a speech in the city of Kozani that once his party comes to power, it will put veto to Macedonia’s membership in NATO and EU. “The first thing I shall do once the citizens of Greece grant me their trust via election, is to use Greece’s right to put a veto on the decision for accepting Skopje in NATO and EU. Skopje must know that if it proceeds with politics and behaviour that endangers the national interests of Greece, they will have to face us and the consequences. PM Alexis Tsipras abandoned the national interests of Greece when he agreed to allow Skopje to name its identity and language as Macedonian. Not only him, but also those 153 MPs that support these decisions must have been promised a ton of money or higher governmental positions to do this. I will say once more; none of you shall ever hear me to welcome a Macedonian PM in Greece. We shall do all in our power to prevent Skopje from taking over the Macedonian identity,” Mitsotakis said.