Mitsotakis to reiterate Party stands on Name deal at Meeting with Merkel

Angela Merkel

New Democracy MEP and spokesperson Maria Spyraki said on Tuesday that the leader of her party, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, will reiterate at the meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel New Democracy’s stands on the Prespa Agreement. As she added, Merkel is aware of the party’s positions, that is, that New Democracy will not ratify the name deal in the current or next parliamentary composition, where it will have the majority. “I think that it’s clear that what Mr Mitsotakis says publicly, he says it at the meetings, too,” the MEP noted. Asked about the ratification of the NATO membership protocol, Spyraki said the two processes were correlated and parallel. “If the Prespa Agreement isn’t ratified, there is no deal,” she said.