MoFA: All Our Citizens in Afghanistan Are at Safe Location

Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani informed on Monday that at the moment 25 citizens of North Macedonia managed to board a flight from Kabul, Afghanistan to Doha, Qatar, while around 50 others will wait for another available flight. “The situation in Afghanistan got extremely worsened in the past 72 hours. Our government already withdrew all military, diplomatic and civilian staff from Afghanistan, but there are still our citizens who are stuck there, and on Saturday we formed a working group that will do all in its power to bring them safely back home. A group of 25 of our citizens are currently on a safe location at the American base near the airport in Kabul, and very soon we will have them return home too,” Osmani said, adding that in the following days around 190 civilians from Afghanistan are expected to arrive in the country. On Sunday evening, PM Zoran Zaev stated that our country is ready to provide temporary accommodation for civilians fleeing Afghanistan. Health Minister Venko Filipce said on Monday that people coming to the country from Afghanistan will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine as a precaution against COVID-19.