MoFA: We Work on Safe Return of Our Citizens from Afghanistan

According to the latest information published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), around 100 citizens of North Macedonia are currently in Afghanistan and are trying to return to the country, after the situation with the Taliban offensive. “The companies that engaged workers from foreign countries in Afghanistan are not facing difficulties, and some of them already managed to transport their employees in nearby countries. In order to help our citizens, we established a special working group that will focus on helping our citizens to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, and in this process, we were already promised assistance from Embassies and Consulates in Afghanistan of friendly countries of ours,” they inform from the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani said that he already spoke on the phone with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, who assured him that Turkey will help Macedonian citizens in Afghanistan to return home. In meantime, PM Zoran Zaev said for TV21 that the country is ready to accept civilians fleeing from Afghanistan if necessary. “We informed our strategic partners in the US that we are ready to help. We will provide accommodation, and the expenses for that would be covered by the US. We are a solidary country, and we are ready to help those that helped us in times of need,” Zaev said.