“Monster” Trial Protest in Front of Public Prosecutor’s Office

Family members and supporters of the defendants in the “Monster” case are held protest on Friday in front of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office. The protest is due to the dissatisfaction of the families of the defendants in this case, after the Prosecution in its closing remarks at the last court hearing demanded the highest sentences for the five persons accused of the murders on 12 April 2012 at Lake Smilkovci. Bedri Ajdari from the initiative board of the protests said that they only want to implement the current laws that apply in the country. “We know that the legal system in Macedonia has long been corrupt and talked about in Europe and everywhere. I said there is a black hand that operates in all systems,” he said and pointed out that someone had ordered the killing of five Macedonian nationals, in order to find and blame the Albanians, in order, as he said, to maintain controlled conflict.