NATO Sec Gen Stoltenberg and PM Zaev Hold Joint Press-conference in Brussels

“Today, I can announce that North Macedonia will receive a COVID-19 assistance package from NATO’s new medical stockpile. This will include 60 ventilators and other urgently needed equipment worth approximately 1.4 million euros. And this comes of course in addition to the aid and support we have already delivered. This is NATO solidarity in action,” the Alliance’s Sec Gen, Jens Stoltenberg, said at a press-conference in Brussels with PM Zoran Zaev on Thursday. At the joint press-conference, Zaev, asked about the transformation of the country’s Army in line with the example of some neighbouring countries that have replaced high-ranking officers, said the essence was that the country had undergone certain stages of certification for certain categories of people that had worked with the documents. “However, serious certification is yet to follow that we should undergo as a process that is procedure in the NATO membership,” he stressed. According to Stoltenberg, Macedonia’s NATO membership is a remarkable achievement. “It comes after years of determination and commitment to reform,” the NATO Sec Gen pointed out.