NDI Poll: 56% of Citizens Believe Country Moves in Wrong Direction

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) reveal in their latest poll that 56% of citizens of
North Macedonia believe the country moves in the wrong direction. Opposing to this,
11.1% of the citizens believe that the country moves in the right direction, while 31.1%
remained neutral about this question, and 1.6% said they do not really know. When asked
to name the greatest reason for the bad development of the country, 18% said it is
corruption and crime, 15.3% said it is the inflation and the high prices of products, 14.2%
said it is the bad policies of the government, 7.8% said it is the low living standards,
while around 3% believe the main reason are the negotiations with the EU and with
Bulgaria. When asked which party they would vote for if election is held tomorrow,
13.9% said they would vote for VMRO-DPMNE, 6.2% for SDSM, 3.6% for DUI, 3.4%

for Besa, 3.4% for the Alliance for Albanians (AA), 2.9% for Levica, and 1.7% for the
political movement headed by Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski, and on the other
hand, 16.7% said they would not vote for anyone, while 18.3% have not decided yet.