New Government or Early Elections

The new leader of SDSM Dimitar Kovacevski is the most likely prime minister-designate for the new government, in which except for DUI will also take part Alternative, but the final decision will have to be made by the party in Congress. There is no information when it would take place, but Kovacevski says that it will be in accordance with the statutory deadlines. For the time being, he is restrained about the possible personnel changes – and for them, he says, the party bodies will decide. It is already certain that Venko Filipce will not be in the new government, after it was agreed that the health department will belong to Alternative. Gashi’s party also received the Information Society Ministry from DUI, which in turn will receive the Agriculture Ministry from BESA. Which of the current ministers will retain the function will be decided by the new prime minister, said Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski.