New Hearing over Target-Fortress Case

Most witnesses summoned to Wednesday’s hearing over the Target-Fortress case upon a proposal from the Prosecutor’s Offices are persons whose phones were wire-tapped from 2008 to 2015. Komercijalna Banka CEO Hari Kostov said both his phone numbers had been wire-tapped. According to him, though the wire-tapping perhaps didn’t harm him personally, it might have done so to the bank’s clients. For example, as Kostov added, other directors from the bank would call him on the phone to ask whether to give a guarantee to a certain company interested in participating in some tender. Former intelligence agent Slobodan Bogoevski, too, testified. According to him, in the middle of 2008, he was warned by Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration employees that there was interception of his communications and that physical following was organised as well.