New Reactions and Decisions in Macedonia After Croatia Earthquake

Through Vecernji List, PM Zoran Zaev has once again expressed his support and solidarity with Croatia and the Croatian people after the earthquakes. As he adds for the Croatian newspaper, citizens of Macedonia are constantly with the thoughts and fears of Croatian ones, adding that they pray for as few victims as possible. The PM points out that North Macedonia will never forget Croatia’s support after the 1963 earthquake in Skopje. Macedonia’s Red Cross has announced humanitarian activities to help Croatia that will last until the end of January. It has offered specialised teams, material assistance from its commodity reserves, and financial help. A phone line has been introduced through which citizens can donate money. The City of Skopje will provide financial assistance of three million denars (two million for Petrinja and one for Zagreb). In a phone conversation with counterpart Zoran Milanovic on Wednesday, President Stevo Pendarovski extended condolences, adding that he was convinced Croatia and all its citizens would quickly recover. The previous day, at its session on Tuesday, the Government had made a decision to send financial assistance to Croatia totalling six million denars.