New Reactions to Popova Sapka Cross

The reactions to the Popova Sapka cross have continued. Tetovo Mayor and BESA leader Bilall Kasami, together with his coalition partners from the ethnic Albanian coalition, have called on the Ohrid Archdiocese to immediately remove it. In their view, DUI and SDSM are exploiting religious facilities to score political points.

When it comes to DUI Vice President Bujar Osmani, however, he said on Saturday that it was actually about a pre-election game precisely by BESA to stir up tensions. VMRO-DPMNE believes that it is actually DUI and SDSM to blame, urging the ruling parties not to obstruct the right of Orthodox believers to erect a symbol.

President Pendarovski stated that it was about a dangerous way for parties to score political points in the pre-election period. Dostoinstvo (Dignity) leader and Crisis Management Centre Director Stojance Angelov stated that nobody was allowed to lay hands on the cross because he would defend it.