New recordings Featuring allegedly Voice of Kamcev published on YouTube

New audio recordings which allegedly feature the voice of businessman Orce Kamcev have been published on YouTube by the channel named “U6e Big”. Kamcev is in the public’s focus in the past period, both as a suspect in the “Empire” case and a witness in the “Racketeering” case. In the recordings, Kamcev can be heard talking to allegedly the PM Zoran Zaev, and tries to convince him to not report the “Racketeering” case to Public Prosecutor for Organised Crime Vilma Ruskovska, but Zaev stated that Macedonia must become European state, and tells him to report the case so that he is not held responsible for not reporting it later. In another of the recordings, Kamcev tells another person that the bag which contained the one million euros in cash he paid to “Racketeering” suspects Bojan Jovanovski and Zoran Mileski-Kiceec contained a GPS device in it, proceeding to comment that Jovanovski and Kiceec are maybe romantically involved with each other. From the Public Prosecution they report that they have started an investigation in order to determine who, from where and why published these recordings, and how they acquired them in the first place.