No deal Reached on PPO issue

SDSM’s and VMRO-DPMNE’s working groups that are negotiating on the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) issue held a short meeting on Monday which saw no deal reached. As Justice Minister Renata Deskoska and opposition MP Antonio Milososki said, there are substantive differences in the stands and they will leave room within the frameworks of the two parties for all items to be considered in order for them to be adjusted. Before the meeting, Deskoska had said she couldn’t be optimistic, knowing who she was negotiating with. “However, we will do everything on our part so that there are standards in the law and we will show good faith where room for that exists,” the Minister had pointed out. According to her, the Government’s team has the willingness to concede only until the point where the frameworks of European standards will not be exited.