No Results from Economic Council Session

A package of economic measures was expected to be adopted at Wednesday’s session of the Economic Council, that didn’t happen. The business sector’s deadline had been Wednesday, announcing that, otherwise, a big number of enterprises would have to shut down. However, instead of a package, the Government and business sector agreed to adopt measures not later than next Wednesday or by the end of the week. As had been the case at the previous meetings, the business sector and trade unions proposed their demands. Though they had presented them previously, they are now expanded. A lower electricity price is being demanded, as are other measures and assistance for companies making basic products. The Trade Union Federation, too, has an increased list. It is demanding for the payment card to buy basic products to be reintroduced. In their view, the price shock should be mitigated through measures because, otherwise, workers will not be able to deal with the rising prices. Both the Federation and workers are now in uncertainty, hoping for measures by Wednesday.