North Macedonia, Safest Country in Western Balkans

Macedonia is the safest country in the Western Balkans, from 71st place, in a few years the country is now 40th in the world, according to research by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). “I am firmly convinced that the progress of the country and the well-being of the citizens are inextricably linked to the security situation,” recently announced on his official Facebook profile by the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski. “Today, professionalism and commitment are the guide in creating successful strategic policies for the development of the security system in the country. We work dedicatedly and continue with the reforms and equipping of the police for further strengthening capacities and implementation of the European standards, all in the interest of the citizens. The results can be seen from the research, i.e. polls, but also from the statistics that show a decrease in crime,” wrote Spasovski. On Facebook, Minister Spasovski writes that they continue at an unabated pace, in the service of the citizens.