Ombudsperson Ziberi Criticises Developments over Judiciary

Ombudsperson Naser Ziberi personally doubts there is enough readiness, capacity, and resources within relevant institutions to change the situation regarding the citizens’ low trust in the judiciary. Commenting on IRI’s poll about the drop when it comes to citizens’ trust in the judiciary, he said on Tuesday he was primarily referring to the Judicial Council and Council of Public Prosecutors. In Ziberi’s view, without a more active role of all segments of power, it will be difficult to achieve some more serious level of improvement. Regarding protection of human rights in the field of judiciary, Ziberi stated that the most number of complaints filed to the institution of Ombudsperson came exactly from the area, that is, the courts, the judiciary, with the sub-areas of basic courts, enforcement agents, lawyers, notaries etc. The number of complaints is surely over 400, he added, nearly half of which concern the work of enforcement agents. “So, the courts and enforcement agents dominate when it comes to the number of complaints from citizens,” the Ombudsperson stressed. Regarding the bomb threats issue, Ziberi says the institutions had failed in terms of timely reaction.