Opposition and Ruling Majority Trade Accusations Over Forest Fires

VMRO-DPMNE accused the government and the ruling majority for belated and unsuitable response to the forest fire in Kocani and on other locations in the country. “While citizens were defending their homes with their bare hands, President Pendarovski promised them help from the air for the next day. This crisis showed the utter incapability of the government to deal with situations like these,” they state from VMRO-DPMNE, adding they will file criminal charges against the government due to the inappropriate response to the fires. From SDSM they issued a reaction in which they claim that the system is functional and managed to properly deal with the situation. “While the entire country is united in the efforts for dealing with the disasters, VMRO-DPMNE are just standing by and spreading fake news about the fires and our response. Obviously, VMRO-DPMNE are so lost that they do not know how to act because we have the situation under control. Fires are not a political subject, and our citizens’ safety is top priority for us,” writes the reaction from SDSM.