Orhan Bajrami – Oki Fatally Shot in Greece

On Saturday, in Chaniotis, Greece, a citizen of North Macedonia, Orhan Bajrami – Oki, was fatally shot, while another citizen, Sead Slezovic, was hospitalised in Polygyros with serious wounds. The attackers were wearing balaclavas, came by motorbike in the middle of the night, and fired over 20 bullets, Telma reported on Saturday afternoon. According to Greek media, when police came to the scene, they found around 20 bullet casings. North Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry said it had been notified through the Embassy in Athens.

Well-informed police sources said that Bajrami had been a member of Dukjandzik/Grcec clan, which had for years been at war with the other clan based in Skopje, Baron. Citing police sources from Chalkidiki, Greek media said the murder had looked like mob revenge. On Saturday afternoon, the two were supposed to leave the luxury resort, where a one-night stay costs 600 euros. Police sources from Greece claim that the killers knew that. There were five people in the apartment, that is, another man and two girls were there too, but they were not hit. Border-crossings towards North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey are being checked because it is assumed that the killers had come from outside and will try to escape through the borders, Telma added in its report. Bajrami – Oki was close to the two people shot dead at the start of March in a bar in Skopje’s Old Bazaar.

For multiple years, there’s been a war between the two clans in which there have been multiple victims and shot persons, but the murders remain unsolved. The following day, North Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry said according to information from the Consulate General in Thessaloniki, which was in regular communication with the hospital where Slezovic was, the person’s condition was stable. Based on information received by North Macedonia’s Interior Ministry, with regards to operational cooperation, the two countries’ services have constantly exchanged information in the investigation. According to the 4NEWS.mk portal, the murder of Bajrami had been announced on TikTok a day before it happened. The profile from which it was announced is no longer available. Allegedly, on the same profile, other murders had been being announced for over a year. The post concerning Bajrami read he was next and then that the job had been done.