Osmani: Ambassadors Unable to Take Office Due to Parliamentary Commission

Five ambassadors can’t be sent to office because the Committee on Foreign Affairs is not holding sessions, where the ambassadors would present their theses and expectations, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani. He stressed that the role of Parliament is not a legal obligation, but rather the political will of the institutions to hear the opinion of the opposition as well. “Unfortunately, the opposition continues to be an obstacle. Although we had a breakthrough with two groups of ambassadors, now five are still waiting,” he said. Osmani informed that at the last government session, several new decisions for ambassadors were passed, but, as he said, they “can’t be contacted” until the president expresses his opinion about them. The Minister of Foreign Affairs also informed that the implementation of a strategy for covering all countries in the world, with non-resident ambassadors in those countries where the North Macedonia does not have embassies, has begun.