Osmani: Greece becomes greatest supporter of our Integration in NATO, EU

The Vice-PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani met Thursday in Athens the Greek Alternative Foreign Minister Georgios Katrougalos. At the meeting the interlocutors spoke about the opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in both political and economic field. “There are numerous ongoing projects connected to the trust-building measures, with ultimate goal to improve the communication and good relations between Macedonia and Greece,” Osmani said during the meeting. Osmani welcomed EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn’s initiative for trilateral cooperation between Macedonia, Albania and Greece for sustainable development, focusing on the preservation of the Prespa Lake, which now has great significance for Macedonia and Greece due to the Prespa Agreement for the resolution of the name issue. “We are yet to realise the greatest cooperation with Greece thanks to this agreement, which will make Greece one of the greatest supporters of Macedonia’s integration in NATO and EU,” Osmani added. After the meeting, Osmani departed for Skopje with the airline Skopje-Athens, which was recently re-established after 10 years of break.