Osmani: Inclusion of Bulgarians Is Not Against Country’s Interests

The roadmap can be a solution to the dispute, the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution is not against our interests. The issue of the short name, the issue of hate speech, the rehabilitation of victims of communism, the work of the historical commission, the issue of non-interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and the issue of inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution, are the five points which are a constant topic of talks with Bulgaria and in the framework of the attempt to maintain the intergovernmental commission and resolve the dispute in order to unblock the accession negotiations for the country. The request for inclusion of the Bulgarian community in the Constitution is not against our interests, because the country has never had a problem recognizing different ethnic groups that have the opportunity to manifest their identity, cultural, historical attributes, not even the Bulgarian community in Macedonia,” stated Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani. According to him, reciprocity is not possible regarding the inclusion of the Macedonian minority in the Constitution of Bulgaria because he says, it is about two different constitutional arrangements regarding the organization of citizens based on ethnicity in North Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria, and Bulgaria according to its Constitution does not recognize the organization of citizens on the basis of ethnicity.