Osmani: More Intense Meetings with Bulgarian Officials in Beginning of 2022

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani said at a press conference that meetings and negotiations with Bulgarian representatives over the bilateral disputes between the two countries will gain on intensity in the beginning of 2022. “We expect constructive dialogues with the new government in Sofia, return of the mutual trust and productive talks over important issues, all this for sooner unblocking of the process for integration of our country in the EU. The enlargement of the EU is a national interest of Bulgaria as an EU member-state, and we hope that interest will prevail in our bilateral relations. In the following period, we will establish communication with official Paris on higher levels, since France took over the EU presidency on 1 January 2022. After the formation of the new government in our country, we shall meet the highest French officials in order to discuss possibilities available for overcoming the blockade by Bulgaria as soon as possible,” Osmani said.