Osmani: Non-Acceptance of Proposal Carries Risks

FM Bujar Osmani, explained the new French proposal for starting negotiations with the EU, assuring that the issue of the Macedonian language has been resolved and that, according to him, all lies should be “dismantled”. “The issue of the Macedonian language has been resolved once and for all with the modified French proposal, the Macedonian language will become official in the EU and that is the biggest benefit in this process,” said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani at press briefing. The head of diplomacy claims that in the negotiation framework with the EU it will be stated that North Macedonia will translate the legislation into the Macedonian language, just like in the framework of other countries, and Bulgaria will express its position in a statement that will enter the minutes, as it was scheduled within the framework of the Portuguese proposal, that is, that the Macedonian language did not exist until 1945 and that it was one of their dialects. The head of diplomacy assessed as false and incorrect the information that historical issues and agreements with Bulgaria are now included in the negotiation framework, because as he says they were in all proposed frameworks so far. The difference between the acceptable German proposal and the new French proposal, according to Osmani, is only a matter of the wording of sentences. “The constitution will be open, but only after the first intergovernmental conference has passed and Montenegrins, Croats and Bulgarians will enter it,” adds Osmani. He expects the broad consultations to end in the following days, and if the Government gives the green light for the proposal, it will be sent to Parliament.