Osmani: OFA should become part of Constitution’s Preamble

In an interview in the show “Top Tema” on Telma TV, the Vice-PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani said that the Ohrid Framework Agreement (OFA) should be included in the preamble of the Constitution of Macedonia once it undergoes changes due to the Prespa Agreement. “This is a logical demand, not only of Albanians living in Macedonia, but all the citizens. That way the preamble will contain the Krusevo Republic, the Declaration of ASNOM, 8 September and OFA. All MPs and experts I spoke with about this agree that OFA should become an integrated part of the Constitution,” Osmani says. The Vice-PM said that he supports the initiative for reconciliation, but rejected the suggestion of VMRO-DPMNE for amnesty for all participants in the 27 April Parliament Incidents.