Osmani Optimistic About Resolving Issue with Bulgaria

Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani says he is convinced that a solution to historical issues and misunderstandings with Bulgaria will be found in the coming period. According to him, the public has been feeling tension in the past period about the negotiations, which he attributed to the insufficient communication between the two sides, thanks to the world pandemic and the early elections in Macedonia. Osmani, who presented the activities for the upcoming summit of the Berlin Process, which this year is jointly chaired by Macedonia and Bulgaria, said that it would be a failure for all parties if the country does not officially start negotiations for membership in the EU by the end of the year. Asked about the public debate in the Bulgarian Parliament on the renaming of 24 May from Slavic Day to the day of the Bulgarian alphabet, Osmani said that it was contrary to the provisions of the Good Neighbourly Agreement and the decisions of the history committee.