Parliament Accepts Resignations of Zaev and Other MPs

The Parliament of Macedonia confirmed at Tuesday’s session the resignation of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev from the position of MP. Zaev submitted his resignation to the Parliament because he is the PM-designate in the new Government of Macedonia that is yet to be elected by the Parliament. Resignations from the MP positions are also expected by all MPs that are also nominated for ministerial positions in the new government. After Parliament notified the State Election Commission (SEC) of Zaev’s resignation, SEC issued an MP mandate to the candidate next in line in the SDSM MP list presented for the 2020 parliamentary election, Dragica Gjavocanova, whose mandate was verified by Parliament at the same session. Parliament also accepted the resignations of MPs Oliver Spasovski, Ljupco Nikolovski, Radmila Sekerinska, Nikola Dimitrov and Mila Carovska, whose mandates are recieved by Slavjanka Petrovska, Zekir Ramcilovic, Snezana Kaleska-Vanceva and Belkisa Zekiri, and verified the mandate of the new DUI MP Bedri Fazliu, replacing Florin Besimi, who resigns in order to avoid conflict of interests. After midnight Parliament confirmed the resignation of DUI MP Naser Nuredini, which leaves only SDSM MP Jagoda Sahpatska with who the list of MPs that have withdrawn from their mandate will be concluded. After the verification of the new MPs, the VMRO-DPMNE MP group left the session claiming the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament have been violated with these processes. The MPs from Alliance for Albanians, Alternative and Levica also left the session.