Parliament Passes Census Law

After 19 years and one unsuccessful attempt, the state will finally conduct a census of population, households and apartments in April. With the help of the votes of Alliance for Albanians and Alternative, the ruling majority passed the Law at Parliament with 62 votes in favour. There were no abstentions and no objections. The opposition VMRO-DPMNE left the hall before the voting. Although Alternative says that they had several remarks about the law, they are still of the opinion that a census should be conducted, so they support it. The ruling SDSM said in a statement that the competent institutions are ready to conduct a census according to all international standards and recommendations of EUROSTAT. Citizens living abroad will be able to enter their data through the application that will be available on the State Statistics Office website from 1 March, and the field work will start from 1 to 21 April. Apostol Simovski, Director of the State Statistical Office stated that the following week the methodology for the census will be published and that he expects census results to be published in three months.